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2.8.19 Friday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

Dynamic W/U (Best part of your week so far?)

Skill: HSPU SKill

3 rounds:

Advanced inch worm x 3( 1 inchworm + 3 push ups + 3 each side shoulder tap = 1 rep)

Wall facing HS hold x 1 min + roll down

4 rounds

3 strict HSPU right into 3 kipping HSPU (flat surface)


5 strict HSPU right into 5 kipping HSPU to a


And 5 each way alt v up (rest position in hollow position

WOD: For Time (25m CAP)

1000m Row

500m Run

800m Row

400m Run

600m Row

400m Run

400m Row

200m Run

200m Row

100m Run

Post Strength: 3 sets

Incline Y-T-Vs x8e

Tall Kneel 2 Band Tri Ext xfail

Ring Pushups x15-20

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