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2.1.19 Friday

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =)

FR Lats/Upper Back/Ankles x2m (How did you spend your time with the weather?)

2 rounds:

Band SHoulder Swimmers x10e

Jog 100m w MB

R. KB Swing x10

Mod/Turkish Get-Up x3e

Skill: Bar Skill

3 rounds

Box bar MU transition x 3

Hollow hold x :30s

Standing straight arm band lat pull down x 15

5m EMOM:

2 Kipping Pullup +2 C2B

WOD: Helen

3 RFT (15m CAP)

400m Run

21 A. KBS (55/35)

12 Pullups


Strength: 3 sets

½ Kneel Landmine Press x8e

Strict Stationary Dips x fail

DB Alt Bicep Curl x12e

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