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1.30.19 Wednesday

***ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW 1/30/19 Due to Weather! All Classes will resume Thursday 1/31, Sorry for any inconvenience and check out the SNOW DAY WOD Below

you don't have to miss your workout just because the weather is bad out!!!

Mob: Eat healthy and sleep 8+ Hours

Rollout Feet/Calves/Hip FLexors/Glutes

Dynamic W/U x2 rounds:

Hip Series x10e (Fire Hydrants, Scorpions, circles)

Mt Climbers x5e

Spiderman w Reach x5e

Glute Bridge x20

Plank x30s

Air Squat x10

Jumping Jack x10

Seal Jack x10

Skill: Midline Work

Pushup to Inchworm x5

Hollow Body x10

Superman x10

Plank x30s

3 sets

Wall Facing Hold or Pike (Feet on couch chair etc) x30-45s + BW ALt V-Up x10e


40 Air Squats

30 Situps

20 Burpees

Post Stretch: ROMWOD

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