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01.11.19 FriyAY

Mob: BB Trap Smash/Rollout Forearms (on rack) x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea (Did you fill out your SMART goal 2019 sheet yet?)

2 rounds:

Seated Band Pulldowns x15

BW V-Ups x10

KB High Low Carry x50y ea

Skill: Rope Climbs

2x5 Footwork (Seated to Stand)

2x8-10 Strict Knee Raises

EMOM x10m

Min 1: Feet Elevated Rope Pulls x5 (Option to Load)

Min 2: Weighted Plank 30-45s

Strength: 3 sets

Stationary Dips x10-15

Strict Pullup w 3s Pause x5-8

Suitcase Carry x50y ea


200m Run

10 T2B

10 KB PP (55/35)

2 RC

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