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12.12.18 Wednesday

Mob: FR Lats/Upper Back x2m + SB Infras x10e (What did you eat for breakfast today?)

2 rounds:

Band Facepulls x15

Band Tri Ext x15

Row 250m

Skill: Rope Climb Skill

2x3 Seated/Standing Footwork

2x10-20s Seated to Stand/Stand and Jump

EMOM x8m

Min 1: 2 Pulls for Height

Min 2: 8 Feet Elev RR + 10 HBR

Strength: 3 sets

BB Bicep Curls x15-20

BB Tri Ext x15-20

Chinups w 3s Pause x6-8

WOD: For Time (Partner Workout)

250 Cals

Partner Holds Ring Support (exchange positions when partner finished hold)

10m CAP

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