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12.11.18 Tuesday

Mob: SB Piriformis/Hip Flexors x2m + Banded Cat Camels x10e (Would you rather live in a place with a lot of trees or live in a place near the ocean?)

2 rounds:

Partner Push KB Swing x10

Wall Press Deadbug x5e

Heel Touch x5e

Skill: Hip Hinge Skill

PVC Hip Hinge x5e

PVC RDL to DL x5

BB RDL to DL x5

3x2 W/U @ by feel

Strength: Conv Deadlift w Chain

5x2 @RPE 9 + KB Iso Deadbug Hold x30s ea


2 KB FR Walking Lunge x20y

GHRs/PM GHR x6-8

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