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11.7.18 Wednesday

Mob: Softball Pecs/Infras x2m (if you were arrested without explanation, what would your friends/family assume you had done?)

2 rounds:

Ring Rows x10

Band Tri Ext x15

Band Bicep Curls x15

Inchworm Into Pushup x5

Skill: Rope Climb Skill

2x3 Seated/Seated to Stand Footwork

2x10-20s Seated to Stand Hold/Stand into Jump Hold

2x5 Seated Rope Pulls

EMOM x10m

Min 1-5: LL RC or 3-5 Feet Elev Rope Pulls

Min 6-10: 2 RC (Focus is big pulls and hips to rope)

Strength: 3 sets

RIng Tri Ext x8-10

Split Stance Landmine Press x8e

BB T-Bar Row x12-15


7 DB C&J Right Arm (50/35)

7 Burpee to Target

7 DB C&J Left Arm

7 Burpee to Target

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