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10.27.18 Saturday

Mob: BB Trap/Pec Smash x2m

Band Shoulder Traction x45s ea (Favorite Decade of Music?)

2 rounds:

Wall/Pike Walks x3 + 10s Hold

Hollow Body/Superman x5e

Goblet Carry x50y

Skill: HSPU Skill (Open Standard)

2x2 Wall Kick Ups

2x2 Ecc Lowers

2x3 Leg Drives


Min 1: 10-12 OS HSPU

Min 2: 10 HBR

WOD: For Time (16m CAP)

50y HSW* or 10 Wall Walks

40 Cal Row

30 T2B

20 DB Box Step-Overs (50/35)

*HSW must be completed UB in 5yd increments

Strength: 4 Rounds

30s Band Facepulls

30s Band Tri Ext

30s Band Bicep Curls

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