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9.21.18 Friday

Mob: FR Lats Upper Back x2m

(What’s something you want to do in the next year that you have never done before?)

2 rounds:

Hollow Body/Supermans x8e

MB Clean x10

Pushup into Inchworm x5

Skill: T2B Skill

Partner Lat Pushdown with Knee Tuck (Turn on Lats) 2x3

Scap Pullup (Active lats) 2x6-8

2x5-8 Partner Push Kip Swing + 2x5-8 T2B

3x10-12 Weighted Knee Raise (323) + 3x10 Supermans.


Row 800m

30 WB (20/14)

15 Bench Press (115/85)

Post Stretch:

Banded SHoulder Series x15e (Facepull/Tri Ext/ER) Piriformis Stretch x1m ea

Ring Deep Squat Breathing x5 breaths

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