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9.18.18 Tuesday

Mob: SB Feet/Calves/Infras x2m

(if you could pick up a skill in an instant what would it be?)

2 rounds:

KB BU Arm Bar x8e

Band Tri Ext x15

Jog w MB x 200m

Skill: HSPU SKill

2x5e Hollow Body/Superman

3x1 Kick-Ups with Support hold (10s ea)

3x1 Eccentric Lower and rest (10s)

2x3 Leg Slides

3x8-12 Open Standard Kipping or Strict HSPU (use lines or tape with full lockout) + All 4 Belly Lift x5 breaths

WOD: 3 rounds (30m CAP)

1 Mile Run/Row

3m Rest between rounds

Post Strength: 3-4 sets

KB Supine Tri Ext x12-15

½ Kneel 1 Arm Pulldown x12e

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