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8.21.18 Tuesday

Mob: BB Calf/Foot Smash x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea (What’s your dream car?)

Dynamic W/U

Skill: Box Jump Skill

2x3 Depth Drops

2x3 Box Jumps w Stick

5x3 Build to Max Box Jump (use red boxes for high heights)

WOD: For Time (CAP 22m)**

Run 1m

Rest 4m

Run 800m

Rest 3m

Run 400m

Rest 2m

Run 200m

** If your reading this workout and thinking "it's not for me" just take a quick read through this post about the importance of monostructural conditioning and the benefits it can have.


Post Stretch:

Piriformis Stretch on ground x1m ea

Couch Stretch x1m ea

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