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8.17.18 Friday

Mob: FR Upper Back and Lumbar Spine x2m (Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?)

Dynamic W/U

Skill: HSW tech

2 sets

Hollow body Rocks x10

Wall Walk/Pike Walk x3 + 10s Hold

Partner Spotted Partner Kick-up (Fit/Perf = Wall, Rx/Comp = Free Standing) x3

Accumulate 3m total in Freestanding HS (w Spot if necc) + Between 3 sets of PVC Lat Stretch x5 breaths


1000m Row

500m Run

100 DU

50 Pushups

Addt’l Stretch:

Puppy Dog Stretch x1m

Piriformis Stretch x1m

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