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8.14.18 Tuesday

Mob: SB Hip Flexors/Piriformis x2m + Banded Supine Knee Tuck x1m ea (Would you rather go Skydiving or Scuba Diving in the middle of the ocean?)

2 rounds:

MB box Jump x5

X Band Walks x20y

Lunge into Ham Stretch x10y

Skill: Power Clean Tech

1x5 PVC Oly W/U

1x5 BB Oly W/U

2x3 TnG PC W/U

5x3 TnG PC @ 65% + Wall Press Deadbug x5e (clean every 90s)

Strength: Front Squat

3x5 Front Squat @ RPE 7

WOD: 5 rounds for Reps

In 1m

15/10 Cal Bike

Rem Time Max WBs

Rest 1m - Score is WBs

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