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7.30.18 Monday


SB infra 2 x10

SB bicep/forearm x 2 min (What’s your favorite musician/artist?)


2 rounds

Underhand grip Ring row x 10

Spiderman w. 2 arm reach x 5 ea

Plate drill x 20 (soccer tap)

Skill: Rope Climb

2 x :30 s rope foot holds

2x3 std rope pulls

5x1 LL


5x2 Rope climb

WOD: 16 min Partner AMRAP

400 m run

50 C2B

50 Burpee

*Run together

*C2B/Burpee can be completed/split at the same time


:90s ea side chest stretch

(laying on belly 1 arm out)

:90s. Pvc lat stretch

:90s feet up deep breathing eyes closed

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