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7.19.18 Thursday

Mob:FR calfs and quads x2m

Band ankle traction squat x30-45s ea (Would you rather have free wifi or coffee wherever you go?)

2 rounds:

Spiderman w. Reach x 5 ea

Scap push up/Pullup x 10

Band tri x 15

Skill:T2B Skill

2x5 ea. hollow/superman/rocks


30 DU

10-15 UB T2B

Strength: 4 RNFT

Bench Press x6-8

Wgt Pullup x6-8

Ring Tri Ext x8-10

WOD: For Time (8m CAP)

5 RMU or 10 C2B

10 OHD Lunge R Arm (50/35)

20 Burpee

10 OHD Lunge L Arm (50/35)

5 RMU or 10 C2B

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