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6.26.18 Tuesday

Mob: Softball Hip Flexors/Piriformis x2m (QOD: Favorite Book to read right now or Audiobook?)

Dynamic W/U:

Skill: Box Squat Tech

1x5 Air

1x5 Goblet

1x5 BB

Strength: DE Box Squat

12m EMOM

Min 1: 3 Squat @ 60- 65% (alt Box and Free)

Min 2: 3 Box Jump (Land High)

WOD: 3 Rounds


5 Thrusters (115/75)

10 BOB

Rest 3m between rounds

Addt’l Strength: 3 sets

2 KB Russian Swing x15

SB 2/1 Ham Curl x6e

DB 1 Arm Row x10e

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