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6.23.18 Saturday

Mob: SB infra and piriformis (QOD: What’s one thing you could never bring yourself to eat?)


2 rounds:

10 mtn climber each leg

FAcepull x 20

Goblet squat x 8 tempo (3/1/1)

Skill: BAR MU

2x5 each as group

Hollow body/super man/ hollow rocks

2x5 kip with a partner on the bar

BOX drill BAR MU 3x5 or C2b

Working sets 4x 50% max bar MU or C2B

Strength: SSB Alt box and FREE

6x3 @60% DE

W. 6x3 Box jump w. Stick


WB 30 (20/14)

Run 300

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