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6.11.18 Monday

Mob: FR low back and hip flexors (QOD: If you could do something DANGEROUS just once with no risk ... what would you do?)


2 rounds

MB Clean x10

Plate Lumberjacks x15

Depth drops w Pause into Box Jump x5

Skill: Hang Clean

PVC oly W.u 1x5

BB oly W.u 1x5

4x2 1 HPC + HSC



4x5e Wall Press Deadbug or Leg Lower


18 Min AMRAP

25 Deadlift (185/135)

25 C2B

800 M Run

Strength: 3 rounds

Split squat x 8-10 ea

TRX ecc elevated RR x 8

GHRs x6-8

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