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6.9.18 Saturday

Mob: FR ham and Quads

90/90 Hip Lift x 5 (Would you rather take your vacation at an exotic resort or go camping?)


2 rounds:

Counter balance squat x 10

Broad Jump x 10 yds

Mtn climber x 10 each

Skill: Squat Tech

As a group with holds and perfect positions

2x5 air squat

2x5 pvc front squat

2x5 pvc ohd squat

Strength: Back squat alt between box and free

4x5 ecc (5/1/1) @ RPE 7

WOD: 20 min AMRAP


100 cal AB

50 Squat cleans (115/75)

50 burpees

Run 500 together

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