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Mob: Softball Piriformis/Hip Flexor x2m + Wall Squat Breathing x5 breaths (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, or Pirates of the Caribbean?)

Warmup: 2 rounds

Rack Duckunders (BB) x5e

Wall/Pike Walks x3 + 10s Hold

KB Swing x10

Skill: Hang Snatch Tech

1x5 PVC/BB

2x3 HPS W/U

EMOM x6m 3 Hang Snatch @60-65%

WOD: 8m AMRAP (ascending reps) 2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8….

DL (185/135)

HSPU (Pad)

Strength: 3 sets

Seated Band/Seated Cable Row x10

KB Shrugs x15-20

Band Paloff Hold x30s ea

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