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5.29.18 Tuesday

Mob: FR Lats/Thoracic Spine x2m + FR Alt Shoulder Flexion x5e (What was the best part of your memorial day weekend?)

2 rounds:

Band Facepull x15

Band Tri Ext x15

X Band Walks x20y

Skill: Row Tech

1x10 No Strap No Hands

1x10 No Strap w Hands

1x10 Straps and hands

5x1m/1m rest (goal is to hold pace for each rep)

Strength: Strict OHD Press PVC/BB Strict W/U x5e

2-3x3 W/U

4x5 @ RPE 7 + 4x5 PVC Lat Stretch x5 breaths


Min 1: 10-12 Ring Row

Min 2: KB Tri Ext x12-15

Min 3: Farmers Carry x100y

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