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5.21.18 Monday

Mob: Softball Piriformis/Hip Flexors x2m + Wall Squat Breathing x5 breaths (How many meals did you eat between Saturday and Sunday ?)

2 rounds:

KB RDL to DL x8

Box Jumps or Step-ups x5

Wall Press Deadbugs x5e

Calf Stretch x30s ea

Skill: FS Tech

2x5 Air Squat

2x5 PVC FS

1x5 BB FS

Strength: Front Squat Eccentric (511) 3x3 @ 75-80%


10 DL (205/135)

30 DU

Rest 3m

then 3m AMRAP

5 DL (255/175)

30 DU

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