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If I lift weights will I get bulky?

One of the main factors leading to increasing muscular size is the training protocol. Our training systems and the coaches who help implement these programs with you are specifically designing and coaching you to reach your goals. Lifting weights does not lead to big or bulky muscle unless the training is set up to do so, merely increases in muscular strength and definition. Most women and men experience a change in body fat percentage and will see increases in lean mass, WHICH we want =) while decreasing body fat as compared to just gaining pure size.

How do I lose fat?

The answer here is there is no “best way” just as we believe there is no one training program and nutrition program for everyone. Each of us is different and because of that the more personalized a program can become the better the results. At AP we are all about individualization, even within a group environment. In addition to proper training, nutrition, sleep, and even stress (YES STRESS) play a huge role in the reduction of body fat. We will help work with you on all of these areas and a commitment to work hard and see results that will last with proper lifestyle changes. No quick fixes here, as most quick fat loss programs usually result in unhealthy changes that end up reversing in a short time with negative side effects. If you want to see a change you have to be the change and be ready to put in good quality work and make some small, but effective lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier and happier life.

How do I run faster or increase speed?

Speed is a skill and can be developed. That being said it takes dedication and time. Proper mechanics and learning to be more explosive must be coupled with a proper resistance training program. What does this mean? You have to get stronger, become more explosive, and learn proper mechanics in order to run faster. Period!

Should I just do cardio vs weights?

When choosing a training program whether it be for sport specific performance, crossfit, or general fitness training coupling resistance training with cardio will give you the best bang for your buck. We all know that cardiovascular training helps the body deliver oxygen more efficiently, but did you know that proper resistance/weight training improves strength and endurance of the muscles, which in turn will help improve cardiovascular capacity. When you weight train, it raises your metabolic rate, which helps burn more calories and fat faster.

Is Crossfit for me? (fundamentals)

Crossfit is designed for universal scalability. What that means is no matter what your starting point, age, skill level, or experience Crossfit is a program that everyone can find success with. Proper programming and coaches dedicated to helping you every step of the way to make your experience as personal as possible make it easy to see positive change in a short amount of time.

How do I get started?

We would love for you to become a part of the AP family and it starts by getting to know you. We do this with a 1-on-1 fitness assessment in which we will get to know you, your goals, your nutrition, sleep, and even posture. These pieces of information will allow us to recommend and design a specific program tailored for you. You can schedule your fitness assessment by clicking here….

How much does it cost?

Our programs depict the amount of time and effort from our amazing coaches and staff. Our pricing is based off the commitment level, which are broken up into monthly commitments. If you are committed to your goals we will help you reach them, but there are no cutting corners. Our monthly commitments range from between $145 per month for our group classes to $299 per month for our semi-private personal programs.

What if I want a quick fix for losing weight or getting stronger?

We are looking for those individuals that are in for the long haul. You have to work for what you want and this gym is no different, there are no quick fixes here. People that want to make real and lasting changes to their body, nutritional, and even sleep habits those are athletes we want to train with us and trust us you WILL see results from it.

As an athlete should I take supplements?

Many athletes can benefit from taking vitamins and minerals in a supplement form, however we recommend our athletes try to get as much of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and anything else a human would need from a REAL nutritional intake. What do we mean by that? EAT REAL FOOD - try to stay away from processed food and anything that wasn’t produced by nature NOT TOO MUCH - try and stay within nutritional intakes that will support the type of training, results, and lifestyle you want. MOSTLY VEGETABLES - We all underestimate the value of adding vegetables into our diet, however eating more vegetables will help reduce the risk of chronic disease, increase energy levels, provide the body with countless vitamins and minerals that it needs, and if that wasn’t enough reason vegetables are one of the key factors in losing weight or decreasing body fat and increasing recovery.

How often should I workout?

A training schedule and in particular frequency depends on many different factors. Some of these include previous experience with exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress (job and home), just to name a few. As an athlete becomes healthier and physically active we recommend athletes get at least 30-60mins of exercise daily. Not everyday needs to be spent in the gym crushing PRs. Something as simple as swimming or walking the stairs at work a few times per day can be a great way to start or get in some extra exercise. During your fitness assessment we will help you develop a training and recovery schedule that will fit your life and get you the results you want most.

What age can children safely start training?

Research has been shown on countless occasions that training for children not only is safe and effective, but can have countless benefits on a child’s development. We recommend that children involve themselves in as many activities as possible when young including a safe, effective, and fun training program like our Crossfit Kids program or our Adolescent performance training for all ages 6 and up.

What makes AP different from other gyms?

The AP Difference is in our commitment to you and our family of members. We don’t exist to get as many members as possible and have them not show up like most gyms. Instead, we exist to encourage a positive change in everyone that steps through our doors through building confidence, consistency both in and outside of the gym, and having fun while doing with a community of support around you.

This training seems intense, is it for me?

Have you ever started a running program or maybe a training program and seen results initially only to see no results after a month or two. Maybe you even found yourself going backwards. Most of that can be due to improper training or a lack of changing intensity or stimulus. Intensity of training is relative to an athlete. This means that maybe when starting off training doesn’t need to make you sore for 5 days to see results. In fact, most of the time that is the opposite result we want. As you get more fit and see better results the intensity of training will need to change to elicit more of a change or increase in fitness. When the body stops learning the body stops growing. Continue to challenge yourself with new programs or exercises, sets, reps, intensities and you will be amazed with the results.

What is the Fundamentals program?

Our fundamentals program is based in movement and tailored specific to building a great base of strength and conditioning by constantly challenging both bodyweight and strength movements coupled with specific cardio designed to help you lose body fat, build lean muscle, and do so in a supportive and challenging environment. This program can be used both year round and also as a precursor to our Crossfit program.

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