August 25, 2018

Mob: BB Trap Smash/Forearm Smash x2m (Scrambled Eggs or Over Easy?)

Dynamic W/U

Skill: DU Skill


Calf Raises

Single Taps

Double Taps


X10 Jumping Pullups

X10 DU/SSD Attempts


100 DU

30y HSW or 10e Wall facing Shoulder Taps  

15 T2B

10 Burpee Box Overs


July 31, 2018

Mob:SB chest and lats x2m (Activity you do the most in summer?)


2 rounds

Face pull x 20

Band chest opener x :30 s each

Inch worm w. Push up x 5

Skill:  Row Tech

10 pulls straight arm hips back

10 reg pulls

No strap 10 reg pulls

1m/1m x 8 rounds 

WOD: For Time(10-9-8-7…)


July 26, 2018

Mob: SB infra + SB Pecs x2m (What’s a typical breakfast for you? )


2 rounds

10 hollow bodys

10 supermans

20 face pulls

Inchworm w. Push x 5

Skill: Strict Ring MU

3 rounds

X 8 FG ring row

X 5 ring transitions

2 rds

X:15 s low dip hold

5x1 strict mu + 1 ring dips


5x1 banded...

July 19, 2018

Mob:FR calfs and quads x2m

Band ankle traction squat x30-45s ea (Would you rather have free wifi or coffee wherever you go?)

2 rounds:

Spiderman w. Reach x 5 ea

Scap push up/Pullup x 10

Band tri x 15

Skill:T2B Skill

2x5 ea. hollow/superman/rocks


30 DU

10-15 UB T2B


June 27, 2018

Mob: Trap/pec Smash x2m  (QOD: If you were reincarnated what would you want to come back as?)

2 rounds:

BW Ring Transitions x5

Pushup Into Inchworm x5

Wall Press Deadbug x5e

Skill: Row Tech

1x10 no straps no arms

1x10 no straps w arms

1x10 straps w arms

4x500m row (partner is r...

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