September 30, 2020

Thursday 10.1.20 

QOD: If you had to flee the country, where would you choose to live?

Mob: FR: Lats/T-Spine x2m


Min 1: Box Bar MU Transition x5*

Min 2: Bar Kips

Min 3: Hollow Rocks x15

Skill:  Kipping Pullups

EMOM x9m 

Min 1: 3-5 Kipping C2B*

Min 2: 10-15 Banded St Arm...

September 29, 2020

Wednesday 9.30.20 

QOD: Would you rather live without music or TV?

Mob: PVC Pass Through x45s + WF OHD Squat x30s 

3 Rounds 

PVC Snatch Balance x5

Goblet Squat x10 

Squat Thrust x15 

Skill: Snatch Tech 

1x5e PVC/BB Oly W/U (½ RDL, Shrug, High Pull, PS, SS) 

EMOM x5m

1 Pocket Sna...

September 28, 2020

Tuesday 9.28.20 

QOD: Alaska or Hawaii?


Press-Ups x10 + ALt Bird Dog x5e 

3 Rounds: 

30s Cal AB 

15s Rest 

30s T2KB 

15s Rest 

30s Box Jumps/BSU

15s Rest 

Skill: T2B Skill

10m EMOM 

Min 1: 5-10 Strict T2B 

Min 2: 5-10 Bar Kips + 15 Superman Rocks

WOD: For Time  

Every 5 min...

September 27, 2020

Monday 9.28.20 

QOD: Have you ever re-gifted anything? If so, what was it?

Softball Pecs x30s ea + Softball Infras x30s ea 

Dynamic Warm up x 8-10 min

Hip series x 5 each

Glute bridge x 10

1 leg glute bridge x 10 each

Supine leg swing x 5 each

Mtn climber x 10 each

spider mans...

September 25, 2020

Saturday 9.26.20
QOD: Would You Rather… Talk Like Yoda Or Breathe Like Darth Vader?  (8-10m) 


Press-Ups x10 + Alt Bird Dogs x5e 

Dynamic W/U:

Quad Hip Series x10e 

Mt Climbers x10e 

Spiderman w reach x5e 

Crossover Ham Stretch x5e

Knee Tuck x5e 


September 25, 2020

Friday 9.25.20 

QOD: Would You Rather Go To A Club, House Party, Or A Small Get Together Of 4 Or 5 Friends?


SB Pecs + SB Infras x30s ea + Puppy Dog Stretch x60s 


Wall/Pike Walk to 20-30s WF Hold 


Plank w Reach x5e 

Skill: Handstand Skill (8-10m) 


September 23, 2020

Thursday 9.24.20 

QOD: What food Combination do you want to ban?

Mob: (8-10m)

SB Piriformis x30s ea, PVC Front Squat Hold x30s 

3 Rounds: 

30s Goblet Squat 

15s Rest 

30s Tempo Pushup 

15s Rest 

30s Box Jump/Box Step-Up 

Skill:  Front Squat Tech (12-15m) 

1x5e Air Squat, PVC...

September 22, 2020

Wednesday 9.23.20 

QOD: Would you rather never be able to take your shoes off or never be able to wear shoes?

Warmup: (8-10m) 

Band shoulder series 2 x 15 each

Face pull

Tricep Ext 


6 Min EMOM

Min 1: 150-200 M row

Min 2: 10 Ring Rows

Min 3: Wgt dead bug x 5 each

Skill: Bench P...

September 21, 2020

Tuesday 9.22.20

QOD: If you had to choose only brushing your teeth before bed or in the morning, which would you choose?

Mob: (8-10m) 

Ring squat Breathing x 60s

PVC front rack stretch x 30s ea 

7 min AMRAP 

Inchworm +pushup x 5

PVC thruster x 10

Run/Row 200m

Skill: Hang Power...

September 21, 2020

Monday 9.21.20 

QOD: Would you consider yourself a defensive or aggressive driver?

Prone Pec Stretch x45s ea + Prone Press-Ups x10 

3 Rounds: 

15 Hollow Body Rocks or Plank Hold x30s 

15 Banded Facepull + 15 Banded Tri Ext 

20 MB Alt V-Ups (10e)*

*Can substitute BW* 

Skill: T2...

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