March 31, 2020


Dynamic W/U: 3 rounds 

30s Each Exercise 

Jumping Jacks


Plank w/ Tap 

Glute Bridge 

Squat Thrusts 

WOD: "Never Ending Story" 

EMOM x 30

Minute 0-10

Odd: 8 BB Deadlifts (Light)/1 Arm DB/KB DL (Fl) x16/16 Backpack Swings 

Even: 8 BFB/Burp Facing DB/KB/Backpack 


March 30, 2020


EMOM x 12

Min 1: Inchworm + push up x 30s

Min 2: 3 Kick up to a hand stand on wall +  

20 s hold on last rep OR Wall Facing 

Hold x30s OR :30s plank up downs

Min 3: Alt BW V-Ups x30s

Min 4: Jog x30s


On a BB or DB 

5 rounds 

3 strict press+ 3 push press +...

March 29, 2020

Mob: SB Feet/Calves x2m 

3 rounds:

10 Bar kips or 10 Hollow body rocks +10 superman rocks

Lateral Step up x 5 each

Spidermans w. Reach x 5 ea

Hip flexor Drill x 10

Skill: TTB Skill 

EMOM x 12 (if you have a pullup bar)

Min1: 3 T2B

Min 2: 6 T2B

Min 3: 9 T2B

Min 4: 12 T2B

Min 5: sta...

March 29, 2020




Bike Ride 


Anything to recover!

March 27, 2020


FR: Quads, T-Spine

Piriformis Stretch x60s ea 

Lateral Lunge Hold x30s ea 


5e Lateral Lunge/Lateral Step-Ups

5e Alt BW V-Ups 

20-30s Low Pushup Hold  

Skill: Clean Tech 

5x3 BB Hang Squat Clean


5x3 ea side DB or KB Hang Squat Clean 


5x8 PVC/Broom St...

March 26, 2020


FR: Lats, Calves 

Wall Slides 2x10 

12m EMOM: 

Min 1: 10 Ring/Table Tri Ext/Low to High Plank 

Min 2: 15 DB or KB/Backpack Swing 

Min 3: 60s Jog/Row/Bike/Squat Thrust 

Min 4: 3e Side Spiderman w Reach 

Skill: Jerk Skill (BB, DB, KB) 

5x6 light weight*

*focus is footwork


March 25, 2020


60s each 

½ Kneel Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch (60s ea side) 

Sumo Squat Hold 

Couch Stretch (60s ea side) 

3 rounds: 

30s Close Stance Goblet Hold 

30s SU or Pogos or Line Hops 

30s Heel Touches (15s ea side) 

Skill: Pistol Skill

20 Alt BW Pistol Squat/Pistol to Box or Couch...

March 24, 2020


SB: Infras/Pecs x2m 

Deep Squat Breathing Stretch x60s 

3 Rounds: 

3 Inchworm + 3 Pushups + 3 Shoulder Taps (kneel PU etc) 

15 KB/DB RDL or 15e Single Leg Glute Bridge 

Skill: HS Skill

3 rounds: 

Inchworm/Pike/Wall Walk x3 + 10s Hold

30s HB Hold

30s Superman Hold 

WOD: “3.25...

March 24, 2020


SB: Calfs/Feet x2m 

Dynamic W/U: 3 rounds 

30s Each Exercise 

Mtn Climbers

Glute Bridge 

Alt Rev Lunge 

Air Squat Holds 

Jumping Jacks 

WOD: “3.24.20”

EMOM x20m 

Min 1: 12-15 Jump Squats/Air Squats

Min 2: Run 200m/Row or Bike/10 Burpees 

Min 3: 12-15 Alt Jump Lunges/Rev Lunges...

March 22, 2020

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FR: Quads, Calves

Prone Press-Ups x10 


Banded/BW Good-Morning x15 

Spiderman w Reach x5e 

High Plank w Shoulder Tap x5e 

Skill: HS Wa...

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