February 29, 2020

FR: Quads, T-Spine

Bird Dog x10e

What temperature do you keep your house at during the winter?

10m EMOM

Min 1: 12-15 R KBS + 12-15 Air Squats 

Min 2: 8 Box Jumps (or 4e Step-Ups) 

DL W/U: 

PVC Hip Hinge 1x5e

PVC RDL to DL 1x10

KB RDL 1x10

BB RDL 1x10

Strength: Deadlift 

Every 90s...

February 28, 2020


SB: Pecs, Lats x2m 

SB Infra x10e

Do you like sushi/ raw fish?



4 rounds

30s Cal Row

15s Rest 

30s HBR 

15s Rest 

30s Superman Hold 

15s Rest 

Skill: T2B Skill 

Part 1: 3 rounds

Pike hip Flexor Drill x 10

Toe to KB x 15

Hollow on Bar w. Box x 5

Part 2: 8 Min AMRAP



February 27, 2020

FR: Quads, Lats

TKE's 2x25e

What's the last thing you ate that Tom would not approve of? 

3 rounds: 

10/8 Cal AB 

Elevated Heel Touch x5e 

PVC OHD Squat x10 

1x5 PVC (BTN PP, BTN PJ, BTN SJ, OHD Squat) 

1x5 BB (BTN PP, BTN PJ, BTN SJ, OHD Squat) 

Skill: OHD Squat Tech 

10mins to...

February 26, 2020

FR: Lats, Calves x2m 

Where do you peel a banana from?

The stem:

The bottom:


200m Run

10 Suppinated Ring Rows

3e Spiderman w/ reach

Skill: Rope Climb  


Min 1: High Box Jump x 5 (30/24) 

Min 2: Kipping K2E x 10

Min 3: J hook hold x 3 (no box -jump into it)


February 25, 2020

SB: Pecs, Infra

Couch Stretch x45s ea

(Modify with lunge and pull up foot (twisted lizard)) 

What is the worst pick up line you know?

12 Rounds

15s on /15s off

1.  Hollow Body Rock

2. BW Reverse Lunge

3. Ring/ Bar Kips

4. Jumping Jacks

Skill: Box Squat  

Goal is to squat 5%...

February 24, 2020


FR: Lats, T-Spine

2x Shoulder Series (banded facepull, tri ext, ER + SB Infras x10e) 

Would you rather win $200K that you could put toward traveling or on a really nice car? (only two options)


3 Wall Walks + 10s Hold 

6 Box Jumps/BSU

9 MB Cleans 

PVC 1x5e

BB 1x3e


February 22, 2020

FR: Lats, T-Spine

Ring Deep Squat Breathing x2m

What is an under rated book or tv show?

3 rounds: 

250m Row 

5 Ring BW Transitions 

10 HBR 

Skill: Ring Muscle Up 

Part 1: 

3 rounds:

Hollow body hold x :10s roll without coming down into super man hold x :30s

Ring Kips or Bar kips...

February 21, 2020


FR: Quads/Calves

Band Groiners x50 + 25 Cat Camels 

Have you gone skiing/snowboarding this winter?



3 rounds: 

30s Cal AB 

15s rest 

30s PVC FS 

15s Rest 

30s ea Side Banded Clams 

PVC 1x5e

BB 1x3e

(Shrug, High Pull, Power Clean, Squat Clean)

*Focus today is on squat pos...

February 20, 2020

SB: Pecs, Lats

2x20e (Band Tri, Facepull, Ext Rotation) + 10e SB Infras

What is a big event that you're looking forward to?

3 Rounds

200m Run

10y Inchworms

Skill: HSW Tech  

Skill Part 1:

EMOM x 9

Min 1: Wall facing hold x :30

Min 2: Plank x :45 s

Min 3: HS kick up to DEF (1...

February 19, 2020

Mob: Lats, Glutes

Banded Knee Tuck x45s ea 

Would you rather only wear flip flops or only wear work boots for the rest of your life?

9m EMOM 

1. 15 R. KBS

2. 30 SU

3. 5e Spiderman w Reach

Deadlift Warm Up

PVC Hip Hinge x5e


KB RDL x5 

KB RDL to floor on top of 45lb plat...

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