August 31, 2019


FR: Lats, Quads x2m 

Dynamic W/U

(Would you rather every traffic light you approach turn green or never have to stand in line again?)

Skill: Bar Gymnastics 

2 rounds: 

5 kips on the bar

:20 s hollow body rocks

Box Bar MU transition x 3

EMOM x6m 

Min 1-6: 1 BMU* (can be spot...

August 29, 2019

Mob: Softball Pecs/Infras x2m + PVC Lat Stretch x5 breaths 

(What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?)

Warmup: 2 rounds 

PVC Snatch Balance x10 

Band Spreads x15-20 

Heavy Goblet Squat x10  

Band Good Morning x15

Skill: Snatch Tech 

1x5 PVC Oly W/U 

1x5 BB Ol...

August 28, 2019


FR: Lats/Thoracic Spine 

Side Plank x20s ea

(Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?)

2 rounds: 

Calf Stretch x30s ea

KB RDL to DL x10 

Banded St Arm Pulldowns x15 

Superman/Hollow Hold x20s ea 


2 Sets: 

3 Bar Kips + 3 T2B 

Rest 1-2m then...

August 28, 2019


FR: Lats, Quads x2m 

SB Infras x10e 

(Do you turn on the lights when you go to the bathroom at night?)

2 rounds: 

3 Wall/Pike Walks + 5e Shoulder Taps on 3rd rep 

10-15 Hollow Rocks 

Feet Elev Heel Touch x5e 

Skill: Strict HSPU

2 sets: 30s Wall Facing HS Hold w Taps (30-4...

August 27, 2019


SB: Pec, Infra x2m  

Banded Swimmers x45s ea 

(What was the last unhealthy thing you ate?)

2 Rounds 

Low Push Up Hold x 20s

Spiderman w/ reach x 5e

Tricep Ext/ Facepull x 15e

Strength: Bench Press

3x5 @ RPE 7 + Wall Press Leg Lower x8e between sets



August 26, 2019


FR Lats/Upper Back x2m + Band Groiners x50

What is the most useless talent you have?

2 rounds: 

Band Up Spread x10 

MB Clean x10 

Jog 100y 

Skill: Clean

PVC 1x5 Oly W/U 

BB 1x5 Oly W/U 

W/U: 3 Sets

1PC + 1HSC + 1FS


4 Sets: 

1PC + 1HSC + 1FS


WOD: For Time



August 24, 2019


FR: Quads, Calves x2m 

Ankle Walks x50y each

Would you say you are a:


Somebody who gets things done right away:

2 rounds: 

Elevated Heel touch x 5 each

WB feet together  Low Hold x20-30s 

Calf Stretch x30s 


Skill: Pistol Tech

3 rounds:

3 each le...

August 23, 2019


FR: Lats, T-Spine x2m 

Ankle Dorsiflexion x30s each

What kitchen appliance do you wish you had?

2 rounds: 

PVC OH Squat x10

Band Up Spread x10

Spiderman with reach x5e

Skill: Snatch

PVC Oly Snatch W/U 1x5

BB Oly Snatch W/U 1x5

W/U 3 Sets: 2 Hang Snatch Pull + 1 Hang Squat S...

August 22, 2019

Mob: Fill Out Habit Tracker =) 

SB: Pecs, Lats x2m 

90/90 x5 breaths

Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or only be surrounded by annoying people?

Dynamic W/U

Skill: Strict and Kipping HSPU

2 rounds:

3 Pike/Wall walks + 3e

10 scap push ups

15 hollow rocks

3 Sets 


August 20, 2019

*Don't forget to get your payments in for Darien Lake Due Today*

Mob: Fill out Habit Tracker =) 

FR: Lats, T-spine x2m 

Band Shoulder Swimmers x45s

What do you wish you would have learned in highschool?

2 rounds: 

Band Ext Rotation x15e

Inchworm + Push Up x5

Ring Facepull x10


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