November 30, 2018

Mob: FR Quads/Hams x2m + Banded Knee Traction x45s ea (Would you rather take an action-packed European vacation or spend two weeks at the same Caribbean resort?)

2 Rounds:

Counterbalance Squat x10

Band Groiners x25

Band Up Spreads x10

Skill: OHD Squat Skill  


Air Squat


November 29, 2018

Mob: Corrective Sheet x10m (What is the last website you visited?)

Skill: RMU

2x5 Bar/Ring Kips

2x5 BW Ring Transitions

2x20-30s Ring Support  or Weighted Plank


Min 1: 5 Ring Kips + 5 HBR

Min 2: 1-3 Kipping RMU or Strict C2B

Strength: 3 sets

Feet Elevated RR w Pause x6-...

November 28, 2018

Mob: SB Foot/Calf Smash x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea (How many hours yesterday did you spend sitting?)

2 rounds:

Heel Touches x5e

TKEs x20e

X Band Walks x20y

Row 250m  

Skill: Pistol Squat Tech

2 sets

Lateral Step-Ups x5e (emphasis on leaning fwd when coming down)

Calf Stretch x30...

November 27, 2018

Mob: FR Lats/Upper Back x2m + Banded Shoulder Traction x45s ea (Are you a morning person or a night person)

2 rounds:

KB BU Arm Bar x8e

Band Tri/Facepull x15e

Calf Stretch x30s ea

Scap Pullups/Pushups x10

Skill:  DU tech

2 rounds

30s Calf Raise

30s Single Taps

30s Double Taps


November 26, 2018

Mob: Corrective Sheet (10m) What was the best and worst thing you ate last week?)

Skill: Snatch Tech

1x5 PVC Oly W/U

1x5 BB Oly W/U

3x2 Full Snatch (40%, 50%, 60%)

EMOM x9m

Min 1: 3 FS @ 60%

Min 2: 2 FS @ 65%

Min 3: 1 FS @ 70%  

Strength: Back Squat w Chains

Every 2m for 10m

X1 B...

November 24, 2018

Mob: SB Calves/Feet/Hip Flexors x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea (Would you rather live in space or under the sea?)

Dynamic W/U x7m

Skill: Box Jump Skill

2x3 Depth Drops

2x3 MB Box Jumps

5x1 Box Jump (Ascending but not max)

WOD: 25m AMRAP (Teams of 3)

50 Cal Bike

50 Box Jump Overs (2...

November 22, 2018

Reminder Friday CLass Schedule





Mob: FR Lats/Upper Back x2m + Band Shoulder x45s ea (What was the best thing you ate yesterday?)

2 rounds:

Pushup with Tap x5e

Band Spreads x20

SPiderman w Reach x5e

Skill: Strict Pullup Skill

Tabada I...

November 22, 2018

No Classes 

Happy Thanksgiving 

Friday Class Schedule 

CrossFit and Fundamentals 




November 21, 2018

Mob: Softball Feet/Calves/Infras  x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea (What is a weird superstition that you have?)

2 rounds:

Wall/Pike Walk x3 + 10s Hold

MB Clean x10

Band Tri Ext x15

Skill: Handstand Walk Skill

2x5 Ground/FR Turtle Shell

2x3 ½ Kneel ½ Kickup/Wall Kick-Ups

Accumulate 3...

November 20, 2018

Mob: SB piriformis/Hip FLexors/Feet x2m + Banded SUpine Knee Tuck x45s ea (What was the last thing you ate before bed last night?)

2 rounds:

KB Clean x5e

KB Partner Push Swing x8

KB Turkish Get-Up x3e

Skill:  Hang Power Clean Tech

1x5 PVC Oly W/U

1x5 BB Oly W/U

2x5 HPC (ak) (4...

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