June 30, 2018

Mob: SB infra and piriformis x2m + Ankle Walks x50y ea  (QOD: What’s your favorite thing about Buffalo?)

2 rounds:

OHD Squat x8

Lunge into Hip Flexor Stretch x10y

Prone Press-up into inchworm x10y

Skill:Snatch Tech (3s Pause bk)

1x5 PVC

1x5 BB

Full Snatch w 3s Pause bk

5x2 @60-...

June 29, 2018

Mob:  Banded Shoulder Traction x45s ea side  (QOD: When was the last time you got adjusted or got a massage?)

2 rounds:

Alt BW V-Ups x8e

Lateral Bear Crawl x10y

Banded Bicep Curl x15

Pushup w Tap x5e

Skill: T2B Tech    

2x5 Hollow/Superman/Rocks

2x5 Bar Kips


June 28, 2018

Mob: SB piriformis/Hip Flexor x2m   (QOD: What are you currently binging or in to on netflix or tv?)

2 rounds:

Box Jumps x5

X Band Walks x20y

TKEs x25e

90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths

Skill: Power Clean Tech

1x5 PVC

1x5 BB

3x2 PC W/U

EMOM x10m x1 PC (50%,55%,60%,65%,70%,75%,80%,8...

June 27, 2018

Mob: Trap/pec Smash x2m  (QOD: If you were reincarnated what would you want to come back as?)

2 rounds:

BW Ring Transitions x5

Pushup Into Inchworm x5

Wall Press Deadbug x5e

Skill: Row Tech

1x10 no straps no arms

1x10 no straps w arms

1x10 straps w arms

4x500m row (partner is r...

June 26, 2018

Mob: Softball Hip Flexors/Piriformis x2m  (QOD: Favorite Book to read right now or Audiobook?)

Dynamic W/U:

Skill: Box Squat Tech

1x5 Air

1x5 Goblet

1x5 BB

Strength: DE Box Squat

12m EMOM

Min 1: 3 Squat @ 60- 65% (alt Box and Free)

Min 2: 3 Box Jump (Land High)  

WOD: 3 Rounds


June 25, 2018

Mob: FR Lats x30s ea + SB Infras x10e  (QOD: What’s the best summer fruit?)

2 rounds:

KB BU Arm Bar x8e

Ring Row x10

Band Tri Ext x15

Skill: OHD Skill

1x5 PVC

1x5 BB (Strict, PP, PJ, SJ)

5x1 PP + 1 PJ @65-70%

  • Alt FR Shldr Flexion x5e

WOD: 5 RFT (22m CAP)

10 DB Box Step-ove...

June 23, 2018

Mob: SB infra and piriformis (QOD: What’s one thing you could never bring yourself to eat?)


2 rounds:

10 mtn climber each leg

FAcepull x 20

Goblet squat x 8 tempo (3/1/1)

Skill: BAR MU

2x5 each as group

Hollow body/super man/ hollow rocks

2x5 kip with a partner on the b...

June 22, 2018

Mob: Banded Ankle Traction (Hold Squat) 2x30s ea (QOD: What’s your favorite smell?)

Dynamic W/U x7m

Skill: Snatch

Pvc oly w. U x 5

BB oly w.u x 5

4x3 Full Snatch w/ 3s Pause bk @50-55%  + 90/90 Hip Lift x5 breaths


9 HSPU (pad)

6 Burpee

3 HPS (95/65)


3 r...

June 21, 2018

Mob: BB Calf/foot smash x2m (QOD: How many times have you eaten out this week?)

2 rounds:

Band Tri Ext x15

Band Facepull x15

Ring Row x10

Hollow Body/Superman x5e

Skill: Test Max set of C2B


3 x 5-8 strict C2B + PVC Lat Stretch x5 breaths

WOD: 16 Min AMRAP (Partner split re...

June 20, 2018

Mob: SB piriformis and hip flexor x2m (QOD: What's the coolest place you have ever been to?)

2 rounds:

Med ball clean x 10

X band walk x 20 yds

Prone Press-up Into Inchworm x10yd

Skill: Power Clean

PVC oly  warm up x 5e

BB oly Warmup x 5e


4x2 Power Cleans @ 65-70%


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