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We believe that Nutrition is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to results both inside and outside of the gym. Even the best coaches, program, and training facility will be far less effective if an athlete’s nutrition is ignored. With that in mind our staff of certified nutrition coaches is here to help design a practical approach THAT WORKS for you.


There are no shortcuts or FAD diets that work long term and provide lasting results. We will teach you how to make the right choices and help you understand the necessities of great eating habits so that you can not only see results, but build an eating plan that fits your life.  So, If you want a real program that will help you achieve results, but also improve longevity, recovery, and even help fend off disease/injury contact our coaches today and let’s get started on building a new you.


(Meals available for pick-up at Absolute Performance)

Are you are set on changing your nutrition, but you just don’t have the time. Or maybe you just want the convenience of having meals prepped for you based on your specific goals?


We work with Whole Fit Foods, a locally based company prided on providing only the most natural and healthy options for athletes of all different goals. So, whether you are specifically eating to perform or just trying to change your eating habits to live a healthier and fuller life, you can do so here. With meals delivered on a weekly basis we make it easy for you.

Whole Fit Foods is a brand new meal prep service, created to help busy individuals take care of themselves and their families, even when time is limited.


We carefully choose the ingredients, prepare a variety of fresh, healthy and highly nutritious meals (mostly gluten-free) every week and most importantly, cook with love, as if we were cooking for our own families.


A money-saving and convenient solution for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and every busy individual, our wide range of mouth-watering breakfast, main course and dessert dishes are easy to order online or on the phone, from Sunday to Wednesday!


So give us a call today

and experience the

Whole Fit Foods difference...


From Our Kitchen,

to Your Table with Love!

~Dawn Berrafato

Nutrition  &  diet


Here at AP our highly knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated staff can guide you in your nutrition planning.  We take into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle to customize a diet plan tailored specifically to meet your needs.  


Depending on your age, gender, and metabolic predispositions, your macronutrient and caloric demands may vary drastically from standardized calculators often found online.  While these services can be helpful, there is much more involved in accurately developing a nutrition strategy that will work for you.

Our coaches are available to help design a program specific to you no matter where you are starting from. Whether you are an experienced athlete that need to dial in on Macros, or if it’s your first time in the gym and you just want to learn how to eat right and reduce your body fat. We will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your personal goals and design a realistic program to get you there.


We will monitor your progress as you log your daily food intake and help you make any necessary modifications as you progress. 

Please contact us at 716.634.1329 or email me at for more info


We aren't here to tell

you what to eat...

We're Here to Help

Educate You About Food!




At Absolute Performance, we believe that having a dedicated coach and customized programming to fit your needs are the keys to getting results. That’s why we provide online coaching for every aspect of fitness no matter where you train.


At AP, we train athletes of all ages, sizes, and skill levels. Whether you are a high school/college athlete looking to get faster and more explosive, or just someone looking to get in great shape and move pain-free, we can provide the program and coaching that best fits you.

  • An in depth assessment of movement capability, posture, and function

  • Provide specific programming geared toward your body and your goals

  • Video analysis of technique

  • Weekly video chat sessions to adjust training programs and maximize results

  • Weekly review of training sessions

  • Nutritional Recommendations

What  online  coaching  with  Absolute  Performance  can  do  for  you:​

Make the investment in yourself. Compare to your membership to that local gym or the sessions you have spent on personal training year after year that accumulate little or no results. Or how about that coffee that could be costing you $4 per day and over $120 per month. Wouldn’t you agree that having a personal coach and program to gain the results you truly want is worth a bit more?

After we have received your initial info we will schedule a skype or phone consultation to discuss goals, programs, equipment, schedule, and the coach to best fit your needs. During this consultation we will:

  • Set goals for training and recovery

  • Begin to outline our programming and movement patterns

  • View and address postural imbalances or weaknesses

  • Set training schedule and timeline

Once we are up and running with programming and training protocol the next step is to complete weekly check-ins reviewing form, recovery, how each session felt, and weekly results. We will choose 1 hour per week to skype and review making adjustments as needed.

So what are you waiting for, if you think this is a good fit for you fill out the form above and let’s get started!

If you are ready to get started with customized training programs from a dedicated coach to get results, fill out the information below:

For   more   information...

At Absolute Performance we team up with  Rose Physical Therapy to provide our members with state of the art training program design and progression. 


Dr. Terry Rose is on site and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.  He is a certified rehabilitation specialist for Titleist Golf/SFMA and McKenzie Institute for spine, extremity and sports care. He holds faculty positions for the Daemen College and McKenzie Institute's Advanced Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship programs.

Terry has been awarded the University of Buffalo Physical Therapy Clinical Educator of the Year and, the Daemen College Physical Therapy Leadership Awards. He is a published first author in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy. His research has been presented at the McKenzie Institute International and the American Physical Therapy Association (CSM) Conferences.

Click here to check out more info on Terry Rose and Rose PT or call (716)634-1329 to schedule an appointment.


Sports  Massage

In addition to our amazing coaches, we also have available to our members, in-house, massage therapy.


It is important for all athletes, regardless of age and training experience, to use preventative measures to help reduce the risk of injuries and maintain optimal recovery for training.


Manual therapy is hands down one of the best treatments for your body and is useful not just for healing from injuries, but also for increasing movement/mobility, and recovering from tough training sessions.

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